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Five signs your “Local SEO Expert” isn’t an Expert at all.

  • They put links back to their website in the footer of your website
  • Your website isn’t on the 1st page of Google
  • They push Paid Advertising more than Organic
  • They have been in the game for too long
  • They are limited in their knowledge



My name is Lukas Fanders (video seo expert) and I have been Freelancing for SEO Agencies for the past few years. I am the person that they pay when they need specialized knowledge, like Video ranking and On Page Optimization. I can tell you that I am astonished at the lack of knowledge that 90% of “SEO’s” have. I use the term very loosely because they know more about selling their services to you, than they could ever dream of knowing about ranking your website. Most know a lot about outsourcing backlinks to people in India for a few bucks, but little about the ranking algorithm used in Google. As Google moves more and more towards the technical side of website architecture and away from spam tactics, your website will lose rankings and traffic if you are dealing with this type.

What your business needs to rank locally in search engines:

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1. They put links back to their website in the footer of your website

This is, probably the single worst thing an SEO or Web Designer can do when they are working on your website.

Why is this so bad? Well let me explain.

Google doesn’t like what are called site-wide backlinks, What is a site-wide backlink? A site-wide backlink is a link that is present on every page of your website. It was used a lot to cheat the algorithms and sneaky, underhanded Web designers and SEO’s would put their link in the footer of a Website to steal the juice from a page. So they are using your juice to rank their page, never mind if it hurts your page.

(A sitewide backlink will negatively affect your entire website and hurt your rankings and traffic.)

What is juice?

Juice is the amount of power a website has to rank, for a particular keyword. Every backlink on your page that leads to another page is giving away your juice to the page it leads to. So for instance if you start with 100 in juice and you link out from one page on your site to one page on a different website, your link juice drops to say 90. If you have a link in the footer, that means every single page on your website is leaking juice to that page. Which is very bad for your rankings. It is making your entire website weaker in the eyes of Google. Now you may start to understand why you aren’t ranking for your keywords.

What makes it even worse?

What makes it even worse is if they use what is called “anchor text”. Let’s say that they want to rank for “Web Design Dallas”. They may put a link in the footer of your page that says “Web Design Dallas”. The problem with this, is that if your website isn’t about web design, Google considers that a non-relevant link. So Google will penalize your site for linking to non-relevant content. If you have any non-relevant links on your page, you should have them taken off immediately.
2. Your website isn’t on the 1st page of Google

If you are trying to rank for a local term and aren’t on the 1st page of Google, do you really think that person you hired is an expert? You have to understand that most agencies that rank for Video SEO terms, generally buy those rankings. They spend top dollar on links, that they are not going to buy to rank your website. So just because a website ranks well for SEO terms, doesn’t meant they will be able to rank your website. A better determining factor would be to look at their On Page Optimization.

3. They push Paid Advertising more than Organic

A good marketing strategy can include Pay per click and Search Engine rankings. Pay per click is not generally a good long term strategy for any business. It is a good indicator of specific terms that people are searching for but should definitely be used along with a plan to rank in Google for your target keywords. The wrong company will have you spending money forever using pay per click. Why pay for every click when you can set up a strategy to get those clicks for free. Simply by doing a little work.

4. They have been in the game for too long

I see a lot of SEO’s that started many years ago and still use those strategies. Search Engine Optimization is not like most industries. It is constantly evolving and changing. Most people would rather stick to the old strategies that once worked than learn the new ones that work now. What worked 10 years ago will get you thrown out of Google today. So it’s best to be very cautious of anyone that says they have been in the game too long. Usually they still have bad habits that they imagine work.

5. They are limited in their knowledge

Anything with an algorithm can be ranked in. Whether that be Google SEO, Youtube SEO, Facebook or Amazon to name a few. If the agency you are using only know how to rank in Google or even worse Google Places, be very cautious.When they are limited in their knowledge of different platforms they generally don’t understand how algorithms work. An algorithm is nothing more than a set of factors used to determine the best page to rank for the search being performed. Any website with a search bar has an algorithm.



There you have 5 good factors to determine if you are dealing with an expert, or being duped.

You are going to need an SEO audit

When you are looking to achieve a healthy website in terms of SEO, traffic and ads, you are going to need an SEO audit that works for you. An audit is performed by someone who is a professional in the field of SEO development, who can create a functional SEO plan that works for your website only. You can certainly find many automated SEO auditors online, but many of them simply tell you only part of a report and then try to scam you into buying more of their services. It is best to leave your SEO auditing up to a professional.

While you may have a web designer…they may not know the first thing about getting your site ranked as number one on Google

Many people think that most of their SEO depends on what content they put on their site, and they may not know the many tricks of the trade that can get them a proper rank in the search engines. A Dallas SEO Expert will let you know, that it is not just about content, but it is about the coding and what you can see beyond closed doors of your website. While you may have a web designer, they may not know the first thing about getting your site ranked as number one on Google or Yahoo searches. This is why we are here to help!

A SEO audit is crucial to your search engine ranking

A SEO audit is crucial to your search engine ranking as well as finding targeted customers that can find your business online no matter what they are searching. Get a professional and experienced SEO audit from our company and you will be forever impressed by the tricks and tips of the trade that your website might just be missing. Your SEO website audit will tell you exactly what you need to do as a site and business owner to fix your website to come out number on in search engines as well as the option of working with us for the best SEO experience for your website.

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