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Platinum : 25 hours of consulting, $999/month

Gold : 15 hours of consulting, $699/month

Local : 10 hours of consulting, $499/month

Consulting packages can be used for any of the services that we offer.

(Services are also available for a $150 hourly fee)


Social Media Marketing Dallas 


Social media marketing Dallas is the newest sensation to hit small business growth and the need for social media optimization services has grown exponentially throughout the years. Social media management services are very important if you are looking to stabilizing and/or grow your small business to bigger proportions. Thankfully, with our services, you can come upon a media monitoring service that can bring the best social media customer service to your plate and ensure that you are successful with your endeavors in social media.

Social media marketing Dallas

Social Media Optimisation

Social media optimisation services are very important to consider if you are looking for the best way to obtain more traffic and drive more people to your website for business. Social media services pricing varies, depending on what you’re looking for, and can be customized to your liking. Social media service that works is also important – you do not want to waste all of your money on a bad service. When looking for social media management service providers, look only to those such as Nipey Graphix that can meet all your goals effectively and provide a quality service with the best social media customer service available on the market.

Social Media Marketing Dallas Texas

Media monitoring service

Media monitoring service is the key to success of any business who is looking to make it in the world of SEO and beating out the online competition. Social media customer service is also crucial, whether you are looking for someone to run your own customer service or if you are looking for help in running your social media services. Social media management services are difficult to understand way too much of the time when the social media service providers should be informing you every step of the way of the process.

Social Media Dallas TX

Stop Wasting your time and money!

Don’t waste another moment without social media optimization for your website or business – you are going to need to take the recommended steps to social media optimization services that work for you. Shop around for the best social media optimization pricing and find the best social media packages that work for you. Once you’ve found it, you can begin working with a media monitoring service that delivers the best results possible.










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