Internet Marketing Consultant

Platinum : 25 hours of consulting, $999/month

Gold : 15 hours of consulting, $699/month

Local : 10 hours of consulting, $499/month

Consulting packages can be used for any of the services that we offer.

(Services are also available for a $150 hourly fee)

If you need an optimized website, you should consider hiring an SEO consultant for the job. They work directly with their clients to create the perfect traffic and business for your online website. After SEO practices are implemented, usually within 60-90 days, your website will start ranking high. SEO companies can keep you up to date with reports and tasks to keep your website as number one on the search engines.

Tasks an SEO company can do:

  • Analyze your website
  • Determine specific keywords
  • Look at your link analysis
  • Compare your site to competitors
  • Come up with a SEO plan that works



80% of people searching online click organic listings, while only 20% click ads.


SEO Web Design Dallas


If you are a website owner, you are going to need an SEO firm that has you in mind. You may have a website that looks great, but when it comes to creating a website that is fully functional in terms of traffic, you are going to need to enlist the help of SEO experts. You can easily create a web design that is perfect for SEO and getting traffic to your site, which implements keywords and certain meta information that works. Web design is more than just a pretty face and requires so much more than that to work.

internet marketing Dallas


93% of all online experiences begin with an online search.

75% of users never scroll to Page 2.

70-80% of users ignore the Paid ads, instead clicking on the organic, or natural listings.

SEO Audits Dallas


It is crucial that your website receives a proper SEO audit, which would identify all the ways your website may need SEO services — all through their search engine profile. This would include all coding, meta information and keywords for your website. This can be a great way to market your website that works and create a lasting impression on both your search engine results and your audience.

SEO Strategy Dallas


It is important to make sure that your website has a proper strategy to make sure that it will be successful. Your SEO team will make sure that you have the right tools that you need to succeed and work with you to create the perfect SEO plan for your individual business. If you have always wanted to get started with SEO and you don’t know where to start, our team can be there for you to get the job done.
Mobile SEO Dallas TX



By 2015, mobile users will exceed 1,000,000,000. Is your website mobile optimized?


Keyword Research Dallas


It is very important to find keywords that are relevant to your online business and our SEO keyword search experts can find the right keywords for you to get the best business that you can get. While you may be able to guess your keywords, are they taking all matters into consideration? Are you looking at your competition and using them in keywords? Are you using the keywords correctly? Without SEO experts, you may not be experiencing the best out of your keywords and driving online traffic to your site
Dallas Local SEO Service

37% of Search Engine Users associate the #1 organic listing as the industry leader or “authority website”.

SEO Copywriting Dallas

Writing can be a long, drawn out process that you just don’t have time for. Leave it up to the experts to create your SEO copywriting for your blog, site content, social media and more. You’re going to need someone who can write – and write a lot – because you need to keep your public up to date with your activities as well as include all your keywords.


Link Building Dallas

Dallas Link Building Consultant

Link building is very important and you need to implement it in your SEO if you are looking for the greatest success in advertising. Forget the software programs, you want to find a person or company who can do the job right. Link building varies depending on the plan that you wish to implement for your website. A reputable link building website will provide you so many options that will work for your Search Engine Optimisation.

For an SEO agency that works, Nip EYE Graphix can offer all the consulting, keyword and link building resources that you need. When searching online, you can find plenty of SEO consultants, but none compare to what we have to offer. For the best online traffic options, you can always count on our services to provide all the necessities and more to make your online business succeed. Trust Nip EYE Graphix for your next SEO plan to create the business of your dreams work online.

Dallas Internet Marketing Consultant