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What SEO Experts don’t tell you

First of all let me start off by saying most Search engine optimization “specialists” fall into two categories. The Outsourcer and The Do-Nothing. Look at the descriptions below and see if you are dealing with this type of SEO right now.

The Outsourcer – Outsources the work to other people. They usually don’t know how to rank, they just throw links at a website until it either RANKS OR TANKS. A lot of times they use Fiverr which is an absolutely terrible idea when it comes to ranking a website. Fiverr is a website where people do different tasks, for $5. So the SEO that you are paying $150/hr to, is outsourcing that to someone (many times in a foreign country) for a $5 fee and putting that $145 in their pocket for doing no work. Any large company is outsourcing most of the work. This is a bad idea because if you send the wrong links to a website you will be removed from Google. Once you are hit with a backlink penalty it is virtually impossible to recover. Your best bet is to buy a new domain and start over from scratch.

The Do-Nothing – They take your money but never really improve your rankings. Usually they want to push you into Google Adwords, because they don’t know how to rank or they are too lazy to put the work in. I know a lot of these types and a lot of agencies also do this. If you aren’t seeing results it’s because you hired a Do-Nothing SEO. They usually push contracts on businesses because they know they won’t deliver results. They just want to bilk you for all they can get until you realize what’s going on. If you are paying for SEO you should be on the 1st page, PERIOD! Especially local terms.

On Page SEO

I have studied On Page SEO factors extensively and I use this site as a testing platform. I have purposely kept the backlinks to a minimum in order to showcase the power of On Page SEO. I regularly outrank sites with 3-4 times the Authority that this website has. Just by following a simple 10 step On Page SEO checklist that I use on every site. I have detailed the list below.

1. Domain Name

The Domain Name is by far the most important On Page SEO factor for ranking. Anyone that tells you different doesn’t understand SEO and you shouldn’t trust them with your website. Exact Match Domains or E.M.D.’s which for example would be (OrthopedicdoctorinDallasTX.com, or FortWorthRoofing.com) were penalized by Google not too long ago. If you own an E.M.D. you need to be careful about over optimization on your website. Most companies go with the actual name of the company, not the keyword. With the right backlinks you can rank any domain for any keyword.

2. URL

The URL is the entire web address that shows up for a page of the site (www.nipeyegraphix.com/how-to-improve-search-engine-rankings-on-google) is the URL of this page. The URL is the second most important on page SEO factor. It is really just an extension of the first example I gave, the domain. Some SEO’s will tell you to stuff keywords into the URL but I advise against that. Anytime you add extra words into the URL, you weaken the ranking power for that keyword. So this page would have a much better chance ranking for “how to improve search engine rankings in google” than “improve search engine rankings in google”. Anything that I tell you on this website has been investigated, tested and proven.

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