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SEO Strategy Dallas | DFW SEO Strategy Expert


SEO Strategy Dallas In 2014 many things have changed in SEO. Gone are exact match keyword links and bad content. Rankings now require active participation.

SEO Strategy Dallas

An SEO strategy has many different aspects to it

After you have created your website which should be completely SEO oriented, it is time to begin to look into an SEO strategy. An SEO strategy has many different aspects to it, and it includes keyword research, advertising, and so much more. An SEO strategy needs to be a plan that you should keep in place with your business regardless of many factors – regardless to if you have keywords in your site, regardless to if you have coding that is SEO oriented – you still need to keep pushing your SEO in order to keep your site driving traffic. Search engines also pick up on dormant sites and they rank them lower. Your site needs to be fully functional, used by others and updated frequently in order to survive the search engine rankings.

Dallas SEO Expert

 A blog not only keeps your website fresh…it can also use all your keywords

One part of an SEO strategy Dallas might be to have a blog. A blog not only keeps your website fresh and recirculating in the search engines, but it can also use all your keywords. Another example of SEO tactics that can go in a plan is using your competition as a resource. You can use their keywords, even just the title of their site, to create an SEO strategy that works. There are many different methods to creating an SEO plan and your SEO consultant will be the one that you should work with to create a plan that is perfect for you and your business.

SEO Strategy Dallas