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Video SEO Dallas

Thank you for visiting my website. You either came here to learn about Internet Marketing or because you want to hire someone to do Internet Marketing for you. Feel free to browse all of the articles on the right hand side of the website. I do have some extensive original guides on keyword research and local rankings.

I have packages starting @ $250/month and going up depending on a number of factors, such as competition. I have ranked in a multitude of different industries. From local/national lawsuit lead generation, local dating site, some cleaning sites early in my career, to a dozen other. I am a lead generation specialist and that’s mainly what I focus on when figuring out a plan to maximize ROI. I have over 10 years sales management experience so I have a good perspective of both sides.

Most “SEO’s” come from a tech or computer background. They don’t have the foggiest idea of what it takes to capture a lead, close it and increase revenue. Rankings don’t matter if you aren’t making money off of them.

As more and more people move online there are incredible opportunities for Local and National businesses alike.



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Video is better for:

  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Interaction
  • Entertainment

When it comes to video SEO, it is a whole different ballgame than regular SEO. Most agencies that do search engine optimization for Google couldn’t tell you the first thing about ranking in Youtube. That’s why they don’t.

What most people don’t realize is that Youtube is the 2nd biggest Search Engine behind Google. So while they pitch you on Bing and Yahoo, who together don’t get as much traffic as Youtube, I am going to explain to you the importance of Video Marketing.

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1. 62% of Google universal searches include video 

(Source: Marketingland)

  • In other words, regardless of what a person is searching for online, it’s extremely likely that they’ll come across some type of video content early in their results. It also should not be any surprise that 80% of the video results come from YouTube (that’s owned by Google). This is important for a few reasons.
  • It shows that search engines like Google are putting more emphasis on video and presenting them more often in their search results.
  • It means corporations that don’t have video content optimized around their target keywords are missing a tremendous chance that their opponents can readily take advantage of.
  • It produces a fresh opportunity (and in the case of YouTube, a different site) to get your message facing men and women in addition to your own other text-based content.

2. Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page rankings in Google than plain-text results. (Source: Forrester Research)

  • It might really be easier to rank well with video, partly because the competition for movie content is really so much less-than that of pure text pages.
  • That’s not just a safe bet, of course, but when you compare it to the 500,000-to-1 probabilities of text based content, the chances suddenly seem a great deal better.

3. Video search results get a 41% greater click through than plain text results.

  • Therefore not only is video supporting your content ranking, but people are considerably more prone to click them in results in comparison to their own text based counterparts.
  • Meaning more visitors to your own web site, more people learning about your own brand, and more bang for the content dollar. The question is – why is that click through so much higher? Well…

4. You can double your search traffic by having a video thumbnail in your search result. (Source: IQ Visibility)

  • Obviously! The visible element. This draws the eyes of internet surfers and makes it more likely that they’ll click on your own link. It may sound minor, but it’s not. It works.
  • Unluckily, there’s a problem with this that you could have spotted. Whether a YouTube video appears in search results and some one clicks on it, they will be directed to YouTube, not your personal website. So yes, they’ll see your articles, but that’s only half the battle.
  • While YouTube supplies great exposure, I’d rather pass the Search Engine Optimization value of video to my very own business webpages. This requires more than just embedding a video on your site, nevertheless. It’s also advisable to consider adding video meta-data and creating a video sitemap so that Google will have the ability to connect the video along with your corresponding page.

5. People stay two minutes longer on your website when you’ve got video. (Source: Comscore)

  • Besides the obvious advantages of attracting visitors to your website and maintaining them there, it’s clear that search-engines like this behavior also. Google isn’t only trying to find quality content (yet you need to determine that) – it desires content that engages.
  • If people are going to your site and leaving immediately, that doesn’t speak quite highly of the value your pages are providing. It’s Google’s way of “polling the audience” for the content they like best.

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What does this mean for the average business owner? YOU are losing money and traffic if you aren’t employing a video marketing strategy that works. Why pay $2,500 or more for a video that nobody is ever going to see? That doesn’t make any sense, from a business point of view.

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